Green Tiffany Lamp is A Must Have Item for Collectors

Believe it or not, when you have already fallen in love with someone or something, you must fight for it no matter what. You do not care about anything else as long as you can survive to get what you want. That also happens when you want to collect something. As a collector, it has been known as the general fact that those lists of the rare things should have been purchased before it is discontinued and becomes rare items. If you consider yourself as a truly collector, there are two green Tiffany lamp options and their details as follow.

The Rarest Items of Green Tiffany Lamp

Green Tiffany lamp has its significant trademark. Its body is slender and stylish and it is made up of bronze. This makes the look of the body looks like those in Victorian era: a bit old but still in elegant way of looking. It looks like an umbrella when you glance at it for a while. Yet the shade is all made up of glass. This Tiffany lamp is entirely hand crafted by the professionals. It is not just as soon as possibly made but it is perfectly made piece by piece to fit the perfection of a glass lamp. Link : Marvelous Design Of Tiffany Table Lamps

  1. Tiffany Bavarian

This green Tiffany lamp looks stylish and impressive by the first time you gazed upon it. This product is made up of mahogany bronze and combined with glass. Its main shade is green but the shades are varied. It has the size of 24 inches high and 18,5 inches wide. The standard bulb used in this green lamp is mostly 100 watt bulb. Yet, you have to complete the lamp with its bulb separately. For your information, when you have bought this kind of rare item, you will never find the same piece of Tiffany product as it is manually hand crafted.

  1. Tiffany Water Lily

Tiffany water lily is the second popular product of green Tiffany lamp. In fact some people consider this product as the best selling because of its successful execution design for glass product. It is made up of Favrile glass and also bronze in the size of 26,5 inches in the diameter of 14 5/8 inches. The shade is made up of glass that resembles like arrangement of water lily that turns upside down. The lily pads are clustered around the base and it inspires the designer to make water lily rare item made of glass.

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