Modern lamp shades for table lamps

How To Choose Lamp Shades For Table Lamps

There are lots of lamp shades for table lamps to buy in many furnishing store. Most of them are available in plain colors like white, yellow, soft green and other bright colors. But do you know that actually lamp shades are also available in any unique stripes?. The stripped design is really suitable to be used as your table lamps. Well, if you are choosing best lamp shades for table lamps, here are some tips for you to choose it perfectly.


As we know that lamp shades for table lamps commonly made from fabrication. Some of them use thin- and tight fabric materials. Make sure that you touch the fabric, is it thick or thin?. And touch how tight is it. Thin fabric commonly will be easily faded and dirty, while medium thickness will work better and good in the term of durability. Even it would be easily cleaned when the dirt adhered accidentally. Then, the next ways to choose lamp shades for table lamps is about the framework used to support the lamp shade. The framework commonly made from wooden materials meanwhile the others from isolator term; commonly from plastic or fiber materials. Well, make sure to choose lamp shades with fibers or plastic frameworks. It isn’t only sturdy and durable but it also works to reduce the heat comes from lamp beam.

Design or Motifs

Modern lamp shades for table lamps usually come in the irregular design and motifs.  Sometimes it will be so glamorous if the design is luxurious as well. Gold and silver stripes will add the aesthetic and luxury value inside. Beside that, stripes, square or splash of color combination can also work so well to add excitement in a room.

If you dislike with the stripes one, choose plain lamp shades for table lamps is also recommended. Soft colors like soft green, grey, white or yellow can be the best color to show calmness. And if you aren’t trypophobia sufferer, lamp shades with any small holes on the surface seems so good to show off. It is not only unique but also able to be a focal point in the room.

Shape and Size

The last consideration when choosing lamp shades is the size and shape. Some of them might forget to consider the shape. The shape is really important. It determines how far a room works with this. For a modern room, square, round or irregular shape can match in any modern rooms, while for classic term, umbrella shaped lamp shades is prioritized. Well, we hope this article can inspire you.

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